Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon

I first tasted Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon in 2019 on a trip to Kentucky. I had just wrapped up a barrel selection at Wild Turkey, so one could argue my palate wasn’t entirely fit for service. Now, it’s time to give this bottled-in-bond wheated bourbon a fair shot.

Pour: Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon (b. 16H29-8)
Proof: 100
Age: at least 4 years
Color: dense copper
Nose: cocoa-hazelnut, caramel popcorn, dark baking spice
Taste: boozy toffee, charred oak, toasted brown sugar
Finish: moderately long – vanilla extract, black licorice, leather

Overall: While there are some profile notes hovering youthful, there are just as many (or more) well-developed notes offsetting them. Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon is impressive for its age; it’s just not ready for primetime. Not yet, but soon.

Rating: Almost there.

Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye

I was first introduced to Wilderness Trail in early 2019 with their bottled-in-bond bourbon. While a solid whiskey for the age (one I’ll revisit soon), it wasn’t a bottle I made immediate plans to purchase. But rye … wonders can be done in four years. So, I rolled the dice.

Pour: Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye (b. 15121)
Proof: 115
Age: 4 years
Color: rich amber
Nose: lemon squares, vanilla frosting, citrus tea
Taste: “prickly” caramel drizzle, herbal spice, sweet mint
Finish: moderately long – singed orange peel, clove gum, bright pepper

Overall: To classify Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye as impressive is merely scratching the surface. This is an incredibly tasty, high-quality whiskey. Not a hint of one note I’d consider typical craft; not an ounce of regret buying this bottle.

Rating: So damn good.