Bulleit 10-Year Bourbon

You hear a lot about McKenna Bottled in Bond, Eagle Rare, and Russell’s Reserve 10-Year, but not as much about Bulleit 10-Year. As well as the non-age-stated Bulleit Bourbon sells, you’d think you’d hear more. I wager there’s a reason. Perhaps this tasting will shed some light.

Pour: Bulleit 10-Year Bourbon
Proof: 91.2
Age: 10 years
Color: rich amber
Nose: orange spice, toasted honey, floral essence
Taste: vanilla syrup, nutmeg, charred oak, citrus zest
Finish: moderate length w/ leather, herbal tea, faint mint

Overall: Bulleit 10 may be the lightest 10-year bourbon I’ve tasted. It’s flavorful and easy to sip – a notch above standard Bulleit – but that’s about it. With minor depth and complexity, one could argue its strength is inoffensiveness.

Rating: Bulleit with butterfly wings.

Bulleit Blenders’ Select No. 001

Is it Four Roses or something altogether different? At this point, I’ve wasted too much of my time trying to figure out what Bulleit puts into their bottles to care. As for their Blenders’ Select No. 001, it’s a marriage of three bourbons crafted by the talented Eboni Major.

Pour: Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select No. 001
Proof: 100
Age: at least 4 years
Color: copper
Nose: buttercream icing, orange creamsicle, sweet tea
Taste: fruity caramel, zesty charred oak, citrus & herbal spice
Finish: moderate length – vanilla cream soda, orange peel, nutmeg

Overall: This is one of those whiskeys that really grows on you. Initially, I was satisfied. Then I was impressed. Each time since, Bulleit Blenders’ Select has never wavered. It’s a stealthy, sharp-shooting bourbon that belongs in every enthusiast’s arsenal.

Rating: Bullseye.