Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye

I was first introduced to Wilderness Trail in early 2019 with their bottled-in-bond bourbon. While a solid whiskey for the age (one I’ll revisit soon), it wasn’t a bottle I made immediate plans to purchase. But rye … wonders can be done in four years. So, I rolled the dice.

Pour: Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye (b. 15121)
Proof: 115
Age: 4 years
Color: rich amber
Nose: lemon squares, vanilla frosting, citrus tea
Taste: “prickly” caramel drizzle, herbal spice, sweet mint
Finish: moderately long – singed orange peel, clove gum, bright pepper

Overall: To classify Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye as impressive is merely scratching the surface. This is an incredibly tasty, high-quality whiskey. Not a hint of one note I’d consider typical craft; not an ounce of regret buying this bottle.

Rating: So damn good.

2 thoughts on “Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye

  1. Loving this review format btw! Short, sweet and to the point. I’ve had WT’s regular bottled in bond bourbon and loved it. Going to try this next. Looking forward to your review of their 6-year-old bourbon! Cheers.

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