Green River Bourbon

There’s been a lot of recent press about Green River Distillery. Formerly known as O.Z. Tyler, the distillery was once infamous for its use of “rapidly aged” whiskey. Now that their distillate has matured, we should see less of that. But is their naturally aged whiskey any good?

Pour: Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 90
Age: at least 4 (reportedly 5) years
Color: copper
Nose: apple-cinnamon, French toast & syrup, maraschino cherry
Taste: chewy oak, brown sugar, chocolate chip cookie dough
Finish: moderate length w/ toasted caramel, toffee, faint pepper

Overall: What sorcery is this? Five years and 90 proof?! Did I read that correctly? Wow. You have my attention, Green River. Shooting straight here – for $35 this is a damn good buy. An impressive bourbon that’s strikingly complex for its no-frills specs.

Rating: Green magic.

2 thoughts on “Green River Bourbon

  1. I was excited to see a case of GRB that had just arrived 10 minutes before I walked in the door of my local liquor store. I purchased two bottles at MSRP. I had my first pour as an after dinner treat. I was so impressed. Your tasting notes and overall impression was spot on! I’m going to purchase a third bottle tomorrow…and perhaps a fourth to give as a gift. GRB is a solid bourbon at a great price point. I’m looking forward to future releases…until then I’m going to enjoy each and every pour of GRB!!

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